Photo Mob!

The following information is from Aidan Ware, the Coordinator of Education and Development at the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre. If you are interested in the Photo Mob, contact Aidan at:
aware @

Fourth Fridays is a new initiative which encourages random acts of creativity and community in the downtown core every fourth Friday of the month.

There will be various things happening simultaneously – a painting competition, concert in St. George’s Square, collaborative art making at 10 Carden, etc.

 All they would need is a digital camera and some creativity! I’m hoping to get a nice size of group to go out into the town to take creative shots and portraits of people in the streets from 7pm to 10pm that night. We would work as a group so no one would be on their own.Once the evening is over, we would download the pictures to our social media (Facebook and Flickr) for people to see. Credit will be given to all photographers in the Photo Mob.

It will be a lot of fun and a great way to get out into the community to help launch Fourth Fridays for Guelph.Let me know if there are any interested – they can email me directly if they wish!

Thanks so much!


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