Portfolio possibility | Volunteer opportunity

This is from Jessica Patterson.
If you are interested contact Jessica at pattersj at uoguelph.ca

I’m currently a volunteer with the Teenage Parenting Program (TAPPs) run by the YMCA. We are always looking for fun and/or education things to do with the girls to keep them coming to the program and to get new girls to come out. I thought it would be a fun idea to do Christmas portraits of the children for the moms to have, as many cannot afford to get these done professionally.

We were thinking of setting up a small for a Christmas themed set for portraits to be taken of each child. We would really love it if we could find a student who is talented in photography to take these photos for us. The date would be Thursday December 1st for no more than four hours in the evening, although it will not likely take this long to take the pictures. This is a drop in program so we may not know the number of participants exactly. Our best guess is anywhere between 5 and 12 girls.

We thought this would also be a great opportunity for any students looking to add to their portfolio and get some volunteer experience. My self, my supervisors and all the girls would really appreciate anyone who is willing to come out and help us with this.

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