Artists, and Tigers, and Bears. Oh, my.

After our critique, I thought these artists might be fun/useful/inspiring for you.

Allanah, Kimberely, Jazmyn, Ashley K, and anyone else who is interested in creating interventions in the landscape, look at John Pfahl, specifically his “Altered Landscapes” work. (His website is terrible). These are actions *in the landscape* NOT on the print.

Anna Gaskell:

Jordan and Jennifer and Jazmyn:

Very different use of photography. I mentioned Jason Salavon, and his series “100 Special Moments”. I specifically talked about Kids with Santa but all of his work is whhip-smart and pushes boundaries between photography/computer science/video etc.¬† Here is his interpretation of the Colour Wheel.

Alyssa: notice how he deals with color as a construct, much like your white-light project. Oh, that made me think of a Leo, the white-lighter on Charmed.Anyway, back to reality, this is a “Kids with Santa” composite.

Ashley F,

Here is a history of the object in 20th century art. Look at Tony Cragg.


Now, get off the interweb and go photograph.


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