William Eggleston and Bill Owens

William Eggleston

Website: http://www.egglestontrust.com/


Photographs mundane, everyday subject matter transforming it into poignant, fleeting observations of the condition of living. Skillfully uses composition, framing, perspective and color to give additional meaning to the subject matter and create interest on several different levels. Uses the dye transfer process when printing his photographs, which creates extremely vibrant, saturated colors with bright whites and rich blacks. Successfully uses color to convey the ‘feel’ of a particular place.


 Bill Owens:

 Website: http://www.billowens.com/

 Website specifically about work “Suburbia” : http://www.cmp.ucr.edu/exhibitions/suburbia/default.html#

 Pictures of the day to day life of the people living in the suburban communities surrounding Livermore, California at the end of the twentieth century, when more Americans resided in suburbs than in cities and rural communities combined. His work as been associated with the New Topographics school of photography that emerged in the 1970s which attended to the “social landscape” and presented the artifacts and architectures of middle and late twentieth century industrialized cultures. Though, his work has also been considered part of the documentary tradition of Diane Arbus and Walker Evans. 





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