Photographic coverage of Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath. It’s interesting to look at these images as a combination of environmental portrait and photojournalism.



One thought on “Sandy

  1. Hey everyone!
    I am still struggling with the colour project that is due in a week and was wondering if you would be able to offer some advice. I have been playing with several ideas including colour as language, colour as emotion and colour as identity. This interest with colour as language began this week when I started taking images of road signs (interested in how they communicate ideas to the public). However, my interest has evolved as I think the road signs were my “jem stone or paint pallet”. Currently, I have been stopping people and asking them what colour they feel like today and why. Then I take a photo of the individal in that particular environment. Later I have been drawing/painting/doodling overtop of the background of these images, imposing how they feel internally (their colour selection) within the frame. These doodles are very reminiscent to the newly trendy colouring books that seem to circulate within chapters and indigo. After talking about the assignment today I realize that this project is overlapping with the portraiture assignment, but it seems to be an idea that I cant get away form. I was also interested in dying objects in their “unnatural” colour, but I don’t want to take anyone else ideas. What do you think?

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