Hey, good lookin’

Yes. I really did just say that. I know. Let the cheese flow.

Oh, that was gross.


Anyhow–remember this photo? It was from the first day of class—sorry Jennifer! sorry Alex! we need to Photoshop you into this image.

At this point in the semester when everyone is turning into a stress-fueled basket-case, I think it’s important to remember how much you’ve already accomplished.

Look at the photo and think about these things:
1. When this image was made, you didn’t know jack about colour photography but now, a mere twelve weeks later you are all creating colour photographs. Some of you are making compelling traditional photographs while others are pushing the envelope of what a photograph can be.Wow. Education. It works.

2. You all entertained (and some of you really dug in and explored) the idea of “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Good for you.

3. You’re Assignment 3 projects were some of the most compelling, most creative projects I’ve had the pleasure of grading.

Okay. Now, get back to work.

A few reminders:

1. Course evaluations are open. Please evaluate our course.

2. A former student of mine started a great website where you can speak honestly about courses: WebRevisor. I’ve linked to the SART page. If you scroll down, you can find SART 4700. This is not affiliated with the university, but the student worked really hard, and is trying to introduce his site to universities across Canada. The more feedback he has, the better. Feel free to evaluate any courses that you’ve taken or are currently taking. These evaluations are not time sensitive, so you can complete them after the semester is finished and you’ve had some sleep.


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