Assignment One: podcast links (and monkeys)

Don’t forget to follow the blog and respond to the email I sent, so that you can also participate in the blog. Those are two different steps. Both steps are required.

Read this. (and you will understand the image)

Here is what high-jump looked like before Dick Fosbury. And here, is what the high-jump look like after Dick Fosbury. Further info about the Fosbury Flop technique.

Listen to this podcast on CBC (20ish minutes)
Listen to this episode of RADIOLAB. Click the LISTEN link at the top and you’ll hear the entire podcast. (1:08ish)

These are the artists we discussed in class today. If you want to review the images (and you should, you should look and look and look until you just can’t look anymore) the Powerpoint file is posted on the Courselink.

These aren’t listed in order
Cynthia Greg
Ed Burtynsky
Jan Groover
Elina Brotherus
Gage and Betterton
Manjari Sharma
Eileen Cowin
Linda Troeller
Olafur Eliasson
Alex Kisilevich
Joel Sternfeld
Amy Stein
Julia Fullerton-Batten
Richard Billingham
Martin Parr
William Eggleston
Stephen Shore
Andres Serrano
Joel Meyerwitz
Andreas Gursky
Sandy Skoglund
Anthony Hernandez

2 thoughts on “Assignment One: podcast links (and monkeys)

    • Lisa,

      That’s interesting—no one has ever said that. I like to listen to RadioLab with my eyes closed! You can “watch” examples of the Fossbury flop that I posted on the blog. Otherwise–remember these are radio podcasts–just close your eyes and really *listen*.

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