Trevor Paglen

They Watch the Moon, 2010“They Watch the Moon” (2010).

“Taken within the National Radio Quiet Zone, in West Virginia, where astronomers use sensitive radio telescopes to photograph distant galaxies. The site pictured here, in Sugar Grove, is widely believed to be an National Security Adminstration eavesdropping complex.” Text from the New Yorker’s website, PhotoBooth.

For those of you interested in politically-motivated, activist photography or conspiracy theories or the overlap between the two, check out the full article and more images at: The New Yorker’s Photo Booth:
You might also be interested in this, Dronestagram–a Tumblr  that posts photographs from the Drone’s-eye view of drone strikes by the US Military. A full description of the project is here. You can also follow Dronestagram on Instagram or  Twitter.


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