Hello, SART 1050


Jon Rafman | Nine Eyes of Google Street View
Dronestagram | Description of project |
Per Google | Article describing project
 Is Twitter Wrong
Fake Images Make Real Memories
Printing every image on Flickr (woah)

List of artists/concepts discussed:
Eadweard Muybridge
Harold Edgerton
Martin Klimas
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Sophie Calle
Rineke Dijkstra
Post-mortem photography
Carte de visites
The Invisible Mother
Cynthia Greig
John Pfhal
Thomas Demand
Nicki Stager
Dean Kessmann
Abelardo Morell
Camera Obscura
Julia Fullerton-Batten
Berndnaut Smilde
Nikki S. Lee
Alex Kisilevich
Amy Stein
Penelope Umbrico
Jason Salavon


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