Political Photography

Hey guys. Tomorrow I will be talking to you about political photography and my goal to create cohesive views of different political events.For those of you that were at the in progress crit for assignment 3 you will already have an idea of what to expect in my final. In my talk I will focus on Thomas Ruff’s book series JPEG (Anna has mentioned him a couple times) as well as listing several political events as well as photographers I am looking at including in my series. Here are a few resources I have been looking at and already started to use:

-Magnum Photos http://www.magnumphotos.com/

-New York Times Lens Blog http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/

-UPI http://www.upi.com/

In addition, I have been doing some historical research into each event, as to depict them properly and not just focus on what is visual appealing. I would be happy to post any articles I have been reading so far if anyone is interested.


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