Hey Everyone!

My starting point for this project was that I was very interested with the work of John Pfahl and how he could translate three-dimensionality to two-dimensionality. The way he constructs his scenes and the surface of the photograph are really thoughtful (the way he makes things two-dimensional and photographs it, which flattens it yet again). Some of the alterations are subtle and others not so much. I like the intervention he has with all of the different landscapes.

Take a peek! Some of it you have seen, some maybe not
John Pfahl

When I first discussed my idea with Anna, she brought up how it has already been done and how I could push it further. My “solution” was to photograph and create a cut out of a person because like landscapes/places we see people of course as three-dimensional… It’s an idea for now…

Cynthia Greig

Another photographer I have been looking at is Cynthia Greig. She messes with photographic reality by painting three-dimensional objects outlining them in charcoal. We understand shadow which gives things three-dimensions and things that move your eye through works.

Take a look! Again some of it you have seen, some maybe not
Click on Nature Morte or Representations or where ever you want for that matter

My first stereoscopic image, not overly successful but a start!

From John, I randomly thought about the altered perspectives taking me to stereoscopic images. Stereoscopy is a technique for creating or enhancing the illusion of depth. A stereoscopic image is two images or more that look similar but each image has a perspective off by only inches. These images can be animated to create a three-dimensional subject. To better understand this concept, a person’s vision is created with the sight from the left eye and the sight from the right eye merged together which is what we see every day.

Check them out! If you look closely to the frame, you can see the very slight shift

And for those of you, who can use your eyes to see the three-dimensional effect, try it out

I am interested in creating photography that makes people think differently about it but also appeals to the viewer.


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