Final Critique reminder • Good shows

Tomorrow is our final critique.
• 11:00.
• Don’t forget to include your printed artist statement.
• Should we make it a brunch potluck? If you just said, “Yes!” then bring something. If you said, “No“, then you don’t get to eat any of the stuff that the Yes people will bring. Deal?


There are some good photo exhibitions that have recently opened or will be opening soon. The above image is by Sara Angelucci. Read about her exhibition.


Shai Kremer

And, also don’t miss the Cara Barer exhibition.Cara_Barer_Myth___Edition_of_9_18422_360

We’ve looked at her work in class.

Most of these are in conjunction with the  CONTACT PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL, which usually has some great photo-based work. The festival runs from May 1-May 31. Go see it.

See you tomorrow at 11.


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