Receive emails from Miranda July. Yep.

For those who are fans of Miranda July, you might be interested in signing up for her latest project, We Think Alone.

This is her description of the project:

I’m always trying to get my friends to forward me emails they’ve sent to other people — to their mom, their boyfriend, their agent — the more mundane the better. How they comport themselves in email is so intimate, almost obscene — a glimpse of them from their own point of view. WE THINK ALONE has given me the excuse to read my friends’ emails and the emails of some people I wish I was friends with and for better or worse it’s changed the way I see all of them. I think I really know them now. But our inner life is not actually the same thing as our life on the computer — a quiet person might !!!! a lot. A person with a busy mind might write almost nothing. And of course while none of these emails were originally intended to be read by me (much less you*)  they were all carefully selected by their authors in response to my list of email genres — so self-portraiture is quietly at work here.  Privacy, the art of it, is evolving. Radical self-exposure and classically manicured discretion can both be powerful, both be elegant. And email itself is changing, none of us use it exactly the same way we did ten years ago; in another ten years we might not use it at all.

Contributors are a varied lot, from Lena Dunham to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR. Woah. The first email was about money.

Here is a rather boring email from Catherine Opie (we watched a video about her, remember?).

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Catherine Opie
To: L
Sent: April 26, 2006 5:27:03 PM PDT

Subject: site santa fe pricing

Here are the figures for the SITE Santa Fe project. 

SITE Santa Fe Edition

Ship and Whale 

final print size:

14.375 x 30 inches (including white borders)

expenses thus far:

large test print  $70

small test print   $40

production fees $250

total: $355

Production of each print

(when printed direct to print at A&I, with 2 prints formatted on one

30×30 file):

$25 each

plus trimming and mounting costs.

And here is an email in which Lena Dunham decides $20,554.39 is too much to spend on a sofa. I don’t think you have to be as famous (or talented) as Lena Dunham to realize that $20,554.39 is just a stupid amount of money to spend on a couch unless the darn thing follows you around where ever you go—like the upholstered furniture version of a personal theme song. Am I right? Am I right?
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Lena Dunham 
Date: Sun, Apr 7, 2013 at 6:53 PM
Subject: Re: Liljevalch Sofa Update
To: LD Assistant 

decided it’s just too expensive:)
On Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 7:19 PM, LD Assistant <> wrote:

TOTAL TIMEFRAME: 10 Weeks to make it, 6-10 weeks to ship it from Sweden.16-20 weeks

The price to make the Liljevalch Sofa is $14,878.93 plus the fabric which is $283.56 per meter and we would need 20 meters of fabric. So the entire cost of the couch would be $20,554.39. 

Shipping the sofa:  It will take between 16 and 20 weeks to make and ship the sofa to us (from Sweden and will cost $3,080.85, plus $400.00 in customs charges.
whenever you pick the fabric I can order for you! 🙂 xox

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