Sunburn Series by Chris McCaw

Sunburn Series by Chris McCaw

This is a photograph by Chris McCaw, called Sunburned GSP#164(Mojave), 2007. (8″x10″ unique gelatin silver paper negative). It’s primarily a work involving exposure and time that was created by accident.

Taken on a camping trip, the original concept was to create an all-night exposure of the stars. However, there might have been a bit too much drinking and as a result the photographer didn’t wake up in time to close the shutter before sunrise. The result is actually pretty impressive and the artist decided to develope the idea further. The resulting work was titled as part of his Sunburn Series.

These photographs provide an interesting impression of the effect of the sun. Which could be taken further or changed to show the effect of light or light wavelengths. It would particularly interesting to see the series in colour, and not just the traditional black and white.

You can click on the picture to go to Chris McCaw’s website and read more about the series.


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