Make your own digital camera + Blog instructions

Make your own digital camera:
BigShot camera is a kit for making your own DIGITAL camera with panorama and 3D functionality. The scientist behind the project was interviewed this morning on National Public Radio’s, Science Friday where he explained some basic concepts of how digital cameras process and capture images.

Help with WordPress Posts
Several of you have mentioned you don’t know how to post to the blog. It’s super easy. Log in with your WordPress user name, and then just write.

I’ve posted an brief wordpress-tutorial I didn’t write this, but it seems to include all the basic instructions if you are having problems.

Your research bibliographies and images MUST be posted on the blog. Please TAG and CATEGORIZE your posts with Final Project (the category already exists, you simply chose it from the pull down menu) and any other relevant tags.

Kim–you have a DRAFT post. Remember that when you finish writing you must hit the PUBLISH button. Emma–try to post your Instagram link again.

If you are interested in posting to the blog from your phone, email me. I have a specific email address that allows you to do that!

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