The Edge of Vision

Artie Vierkant’s “Image Object Friday 7 June 2013 4:33PM, 2013.”
Artie Vierkant, Higher Pictures, New York

What is a Photograph?
Exhibition at International Center of Photography.
NYTimes Review

“You feel like the cord to the mother ship has been cut,” she said, “and now you’re floating in space.” Carol Squiers, curator of What is a Photograph?

What are we talking about when we talk about photography? (with apologies to Raymond Carver).

The Edge of Vision, Revisited.
The Edge of Vision VIDEO INTERVIEWS!

Walead Beshty
| Video at MOMA | Abstract Art or Photography

New Photography (2009) at MOMA | Blog with interviews and video

Carter Mull
At Marc Foxx gallery |

Daniel Gordon | website | exhibition at New York Hortcultural Society of New York

Some artists to consider for Assignment #3
(don’t forget to research the artists mentioned in the reading)


Sara Angelucci | website | Artist in Residence at the AGO

Alison Rossiter | Article/Interview in BorderCrossings

Le Mois de la Photo a Montreal

Dronestagram | description of project

Penelope Umbrico| Article about Penelope Umbrico

John Houck

Trevor Paglen

Risa Horowitz | Imaging Saturn (images) | Imaging Saturn blog

Cara Barer | Interview about banal but significant objects  | Talking about her work in FeatureShoot.

Thomas Ruff

Sophie Calle

Vik Muniz

Guy Fabian Miller

John Pfahl

Liz Deschenes

Uta Barth

Ori Gershl

Martin Klimas

Dean Kessmann

Cara Barer

Adam Fuss

Sara Greenberger Rafferty

Mike and Doug Starn (The Starn Twins)

Sarah Anne Johnson

Jason Salavon

Jessica Eaton

Evan Lee

This list is by no means exhaustive. Feel free to augment the list in the comments!

Robin Rhode | Interview with the artist
Thomas Demand
Holly Roberts
Molly Springfield
Laurie Simmons
Ann Hamilton (sculptor)
Andy Goldsworthy
Thomas Demand
Ruth Thorne Thomsen
Christian Boltanski
Robert Parke Harrison
Dieter Appelt
David Levinthal
Helen Van Meene
Abelardo Morell (amazing camera obscura)
Vik Muniz
Sigmar Polke
Gordon Matta-Clark
Aspen Mays



Go here. It’s an amazing resource of artists.

And, to help you think about what you’re deconstructing:
You might want to watch: David Hockney’s, A Secret Knowledge, (part 1), (part 2), (part 3).

Paul Chiappe!

These are tiny tiny tiny drawings, based on vintage, found, photographs. Go here (it’s a great site) for more information.

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