Final Project | Multi Location

one two

Sarnia/Muskoka, Sarnia/Switzerland, Sarnia/Alaska, France/Switzerland (not part of the project)

Victor Burgin – Fiction Film

Gus Petro – Merge

Joseph Ford – Aerial

Reynald Drouhin – Landscape Monolith

Pete Kasprzak

Phil Bergerson

My final project is based around the fantasies and dreams of my childhood. I have always been very interested in being outdoors and exploring the world, and I always had a love for seeing mountains. I think it had a lot to do with growing up in southern Ontario, particularly Sarnia. I was born in Bright’s Grove, a small community part of the Sarnia area, located at the bottom of Lake Huron and a hop, skip, and a jump across the St. Clair river from Port Huron, Michigan, USA. This area of Ontario is super flat, and is home to a large amount of farming communities, a complex of refining and chemical companies called Chemical Valley, and a large body of flat water. The few sights similar to a beautiful mountain range would be the Bluewater Bridge, the Chemical Valley smoke stacks, and the few high rise condo buildings along the Sarnia bay. Ever since I was little I would dream of living out west where i could enjoy the mountains, forests, and ocean.

My project is too bring my hometown to the places where I would have dreamt of growing up as a kid through photography and photo manipulation. Over the past 6 years I have been taking photos and achieving them. I want to take photographs that i have taken of my home town and places I have travelled too, combining both photographs to create the ultimate place I had always wanted live.

My original interest in creating a photo manipulated image was from Victor Burgin’s work in 1991 where he created images from photographs and film stills. He put these two mediums together based on a fictional movie script he made up, which is where these film still would be from. From there my research brought me to an article I read a few months ago, where Gus Petro placed New York City within the Grand Canyon. His work is very believable and the matching between colour and environment is well done. He explores the boundaries for a dense city placed within an empty terrain.

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