photo 3 final Idea, Jazmyn Malloy

This article shows Wolfgang Tillmans’ abstract ‘Silver’ works. It has a lot of images that are influencial to me

His technique was first developed in the 1990’s using photo paper that was at times exposed other’s not with varying colours of light, and is processed leaving behind traces of water and silver nitrate as well as streaks, scratches, dents, and deposits which alter the colour and physical surface of the paper.

Wolfgang relies on change in the creation of the pictures and are considered in some ways, the opposite of abstract pictures he made in the darkroom.

in this article it talks about subjects Wolfgang is interested in

– the whole universe, 

– subjects from near and far, despite their simplicity

-juxtaposition of colors,

-the cut


as well as his biographical information

– this has a complete body of works starting as early as 2010 until the present.

My research subject

–       The art of selection

–       Since my images will be simple and mostly about line and form, the most difficult aspect will be the composition and lighting

–       I wish to create images that have

  • A lot of depth,
  • Are based on form and thus render objects either unrecognizable based on the composition or based on fooling the viewer based on size and colour

The response I hope to get from my audience is confusion and questioning as to what the subject matter actually is and a deeper concentration on the image as a whole rather than a certain subject.

I hope to explore the un-scene or unnoticed parts of environment such as specifically selected details mostly from up close

Ex, door hinges, buttons, plastics, metals, branded materials, ext.

By using these up-close images and expanding their size I hope to make the images both engaging and invasive. I want to make images that confront the viewer rather than include them.

I would also like to explore both colour and black and white images depending on their content and simplicity.

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