Experiment#2 (part 2): Rethinking portraiture

xhxyn5r4qTFgV9kG6lP8GTPNTZUms7GLNpjwe5ebXPzKSPiafpzpa131KtYWF5dugMEp-YCe3PK-feQvIMz1nMEP14wT18_DXXf_HDQM5qzWHy9lZ4VTRTr2gXz4iiU=s0-d-e1-ftNADAV ASSOR | Lessons On Leaving The Body | Julie M gallery


Audio commentaries, from the exhibit: The Disappearance of Darkeness.
at Ryerson Image Centre.

Ian Willms | The Road to Nowhere

The Road to Nowhere
Contact Gallery

Nancy Burson
| Article | Early Composites | Museum of Contemporary Photography | Seeing and Believing, New York University | Early Work, Clamp Art (decently sized images)


Museum of Contemporary Photography | The Creator’s Project, overview

Jason Salavon
Portraits | Playboy | 100 Special Moments | Short statement

Thomas Demand
Matthew Marks gallery | MOMA
His Animations at DHC/ART in Montreal.

Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Andrea Rosen |

Sophie Calle
The Hotel Series | Thesis on Hotel Series | At the TATE (full screen images)

Gillian Wearing
Whitechapel Gallery (London) | Review in The Guardian

Ana Mendieta
Review/Essay in FRIEZE | Images |

Damien Hirst
Medicine Cabinets

Janine Antoni
Lick and Lather  | Luhring Augustine (gallery) | Art 21 video

Lorna Simpson

Francis Picabia

Machine Drawings

Kiki Smith
Text at Guggenheim | Game Time

Jon Rafman
Nine Eyes of Google Street View | Essay

Other artists to consider: Catherine Opie, Annette Messager, Chris Ironside, Cindy Sherman, Yoon Sung Min (Dwelling)

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