Performing for the Camera: Katie and Stephanie

ms.sing-9118 smallms.sing--3 Habitual Gestures ms.sing--3


2 thoughts on “Performing for the Camera: Katie and Stephanie

  1. Katie and Stephanie,
    Are these images the result of layering your encyclopedia of gestures? If so, I think the only successful image is the first one–the other two images are too blurry/abstracted to convey a sense of accumulation. Perhaps try finessing the opacity of the layers to bring out details on each individual layer. You can control SECTIONS of each layer’s opacity by using a gradient mask or even just a regular layer mask. For instance in the first image, it’s nice that the darker color of the t-shirt grounds the image–it would be nice if there were similar details in the hair and lips. As is, it looks too much like a slow shutter speed combined with a moving figure–but what you want is accumulation–and one way to convey that is through a wider range of opacity.

  2. Hi Anna,
    I have played around with the opacity of the different layers in the image. Do you think our attempts are more successful in conveying the gesture?

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