Alison Postma Final Project Research


Janieta Eyre –

Alex Prager –!/photography/Compulsion

Eileen Cowin – (Family Docudrama)

Sophie Calle –


One thought on “Alison Postma Final Project Research

  1. Hey Here is my notes for my research presentation:
    Research Presentation-

    SART 4700-Hayley Boothe

    I had a lot of trouble finding an artist who works similarly to the work I would like to do however this is the closest I could find.
    I found a piece at an Exhibition that highlights exactly what I am getting at in my work.

    In this exhibit you see a virtual petting Zoo where you can pet the Robots. This is comical however it does exist.
    For my assignment I am going to highlight the fact that children do not get outside and play in nature as much as they used to. I do see this as a negative part of the increase in technology and therefore I will be highlighting this specific aspect of it.
    The reason this piece is similar to my artwork is that it suggests that the technological world is replacing the physical world and this must have an affect on the children of today.

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