Turning time into space!

Turning time into space? What the what what?

Researchers at Washington University (St.Louis, Missouri) have created a camera that could take a hundred billion pictures in a second, enough to record the speed of light, the fastest phenomena in the universe.

Now, that’s Instagram. (Drum roll please…I’ll be here all week.)

Biomedical engineer Lihong Wang, the head of the Washington University research team that invented the camera, explains “For the first time, humans can literally see light pulses traveling in space at the speed of light,” Wang said.

A video captured by Washington University’s Lihong Wang’s new imaging system, known as “compressed ultrafast photography,” shows a laser pulse propagating in air and being reflected from a mirror. The movie is slowed down 10 billion times to make it visible to the human eye. (Video courtesy of Washington University in St. Louis)

Read more about the Ultrafast camera here.

Welcome back, photographers! Let’s make the invisible, visible.



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