Brilliant or just plain sad? You decide.

Look photographers, the rest of the world is finally catching up to those of us who pay attention to what we see. app-2-e812ea2b4eaa565803e89b08ba3d895b
The WhiteAlbum is an app that lets you utilize your smartphone camera as if it were a analog camera.

It works like this: shoot 24 images without seeing or being able to edit the final product (just like shooting on film) and then, about a week later you’ll receive a white album of your printed photos.

The website says: Get a good look at what you’re shooting, because you won’t see it again until the prints are in your hands

Is the App a great idea, encouraging a resurgence in printed images and slower looking or is it just a pale facsimile of shooting with an analog camera? Tell me what you think.


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