Info about the Photo Arts Club

Behold, information sent to me by the Photo Arts Club:

We are the Photo Arts Club in the University Centre building – this semester we are offering UofG students a $20 membership fee for the entirety of the winter semester. Perhaps this information can be passed on to students 🙂

For the cost of a membership, we offer:
– Two fully stocked darkrooms with chemistry (capable of black and white film development, and black and white and colour photo printing)
– Studio space with studio lighting, with seamless paper backdrops
– Access on weekends and late evenings
– Ability to sign out SLR cameras, digital (Canon) SLR cameras, lenses, and various accessories
– CMYK Colour printer

We also sell, at cost:
– Film, negative sleeves, photo paper (colour and black and white)

Our website can be accessed in the signature below.  Please let us know if you have any questions!

Thank you!
The PAC Execs

Photo Arts Club

Office Hours and Info:

Facebook Page:

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