Sustained looking + environmental portraiture


Put down your phone and *Lookie* here. These links have nothing to do with Twin Peaks but I’ll look at Twin Peaks any chance I get. [If you are uninitiated to the brilliance that is Twin Peaks…ooh.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a start. Please add your contributions in the comments.

Fans in a Flashbulb
A blog from the folks at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in NY

APERTURE magazine | Aperture Magazine | blog | The library has the print version. Go there, you can check out books for free, it’s like a torrent but psst, it’s legal.

FOAM magazine

British Journal of Photography


Prefix The latest copy is usually in the lab. Headquartered in Toronto.

Conscientious (daily content)  and Conscientious Extended (longer articles/interviews)


Behold: The photo blog of SLATE magazine The photo blog at SLATE magazine

Photo Booth: The view from the photo department at the New Yorker magazine

PHOTO at the Atlantic Magazine at The Atlantic

St. Lucy

Ain’t Bad: started by the students at SCAD

Again, by  no means exhaustive, but some historic folks you should know

The Original Papparazzo: WEEGEEWeegee
Weegee, Murder Is My Business
The Weegee Exhibition is coming to Ryerson Image Centre from October 14-December 13 (Toronto field trip, anyone?)



Garry Winogrand (American, 1928–1984) New York, 1968 Gelatin silver print; The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, (GW.SFMOMA.003)

Garry Winogrand (American, 1928–1984)
New York, 1968
Gelatin silver print;
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, (GW.SFMOMA.003)

Exhibition at the MET | check out the video in the middle of the page

At National Gallery of Art (Washington,DC)

Questioning the ethics of street photography
Excellent perspective on Winogrand’s portrayal of women

Fraenkel Gallery | Winogrand’s In The Street portfolio

10 Things Gary Winogrand Can Teach You About Street Photography



Great audio interview with Helen Levitt (images too)

Helen Levitt at MOMA
Helen Levitt: The New York Streets 1938-1990s

7 lessons Helen Levitt can teach you about street photography


parr-bird-attack the-last-resort-martin-parr-2 the-last-resort-martin-parr-7

Martin Parr

The problem with The selfie stick

Too Much Photography?

The Facebook Problem!



Best Documentary Stories from 2014

24 hours; 90 years (good environmental portrait example)

Some historic examples of staged photography from the MET collection

An Instagram/magazine from students at SCAD. (Why don’t we start one too?)






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