Internet Art (SART 2700)

What is Net Art?
The New Aesthetic Needs to Get Weirder
What is Post-Internet Art?
What is the New Aesthetic

Extra reading
A letter to Young Internet Artists

The Download: Sorry to Dump on You Like This
Glitch Artist Collective
Code-based art works that change everyday

Description of Exhausting A Crowd | Exhausting a Crowd, the artwork

Sunrise/Sunset at the Whitney
Indirect Flights

Moth Generator | description | project

9 Eyes | John Rafman | brief description of the project | Artist website –you might like the Kool Aid Man in Second Life

Cameron’s World (woah!) | description |

Screen (art via email)

Modern Day Snail Mail | Christina Vanko

Jason Salavon | 100 Special Moments

Heath Bunting | _readme | King’s Cross Phone In | Wiki

Post-Internet Art at Artsy

Matthew Stadler

Dronestagram | Explanation of the project | | Project of James Bridle | Description | Other Jodi projects:

Jodi’s Personal Map of the Web | Artistic Patterns With Map Signs | – an experimental website, using randomly generated ASCII art and Javascript |











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