Experimental Practices: Thinking About Gesture

(the o.g. animated gif)
A collection of newly animated gifs from the stills | Great NPR story
Woman Dancing at Night, 1887

The Victorian Peeper | The Smithsonian | Muybridge at TATE Britain AthletesPosturingPlate1151879fromTheAttitudesofAnimalsinMotion+small
Athletes Posing, 1879



Dressing Gown, Julia Fullerton Batten

Dressing Gown, Julia Fullerton Batten

Interview | Her body of work, In Between |

FRANCESCA WOODMAN | TATE Modern | New York Review of Books
Francesca Woodman: House #3, Providence, Rhode Island, 1976





ELISE WINDSOR | Mise en abyme |

Ovoid Left, 2011


At the Guggenheim | Bio | Turns Gravity | Analysis of Gaskell’s use of light
Anna Gaskell

tg 1



j simon-63-still life

Artist website | On Art 21 | Radio Interview ” Making and The Spaces We Share(On Being) | More videos about The Embodied Art of Ann Hamilton

At The Guggenheim | Interview in The New Yorker | Video! at Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam | Filling a city with cavorting couples | General Guardian link for all things Tino Sehgal | On Performativity at the Walker Art Centre

Artist  website | Sometimes Making Something Leads to Nothing |


Mark Morris Dance Group | website | VIDEO! | Photo gallery | You Tube
Martha Graham Dance
Dayton Contemporary Dance
Garth Fagan Dance
Savion Glover | Video
Sammy Davis Jr and Gregory Hines
And, there is never, ever, anything better than this or this

David Parsons Dance | CAUGHT



QUANTUM – Teaser from Cie Gilles Jobin on Vimeo.

Gilles Jobin was the 2012 artist-in-residence at the CERN* physics laboratory in Switzerland. He created an abstract dance piece inspired by concepts in particle physics. A brief description from this New York Times article.
“…dancers will begin with a subtle jiggling motion that evokes the vibration of subatomic particles, which could be seen as a sort of quantum twerk. Under crackling ambient music assembled from supercollider data by the composer Carla Scaletti, they begin to orbit and swarm, pulled by invisible forces like gravity and magnetism. The spectacle will be lit, somewhat ominously, by lamps that swing on motorized pendulums — a “lumino-kinetic sculpture” contributed by the German artist Julius von Bismarck. “You don’t have to know anything about physics, it’s not a demonstration or explanation of scientific concepts,” Mr. Jobin said. “Now that I know that everything is moving, that we are mostly made of emptiness, that our bodies are holding together with incredible forces, it feels different to move my body.


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