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BBC – How fake images change our memory and behaviour

  By Rose Eveleth





—The article talks about
— How These fake memories don’t just distort how we see our past, but they also affect our current and future behaviour too  
◦In the ways that we feel towards things
—In the article
—There was a study were scientists showed subjects manipulated images of themselves with bugs bunny or on a hot air balloon ride
◦None of those people had ever met Bugs or ridden in a hot air balloon, but seeing images of it made them remember something entirely fabricated.
—like the balloon ride or Bugs Bunny, these fake images can have very real effects on memory
—The article talks about
—Seeing these fake images goes even beyond altering our memory of events. It can actually change our behaviours towards things.
—Why we’re fooled
◦Images are really good at fooling our memories for a number of reasons. A big part of it is because people have a tendency to trust photographs as truth
—Idea for final work
—My intentions
—I want to Photoshop myself out of family photos
◦These photos will give a clear indication of a persons life
–Key stages and events that take place in an average life, lived from the ages of 1 – 20
–I will chose the best 20ish images were my disappearance effects the context of the image the most


—The questions my project brings up
◦What does it mean to take yourself out of a photo (especially family photo album photos) and what are the effect?
–Does this proses in a way mean taking myself out of history
–Do we have a history without photography
–How many things from your past do you remember without thinking of a photo?
—Some answers
—This removal effects and saddens my parents
◦In some way effecting there idea of the past
–Their memories of these events include me, without me the events feel like a piece is missing
–The past I share with my family and friends make up who I am today, but if I take myself out of these events than what makes up who I am
—Some answers
—The fact that I’m taking myself out of these images says something
◦I am excluding myself from these events which intern effect the relationships I have with the individuals in them
—Photos are used to seal a moment in time, and intrusted with a level of truth
◦We take pictures to remember events, but also to prove that the event occurred.
◦ when the images of the past are altered our ideas of the past are altered.
–What becomes truth can change
—I plan to…
—Display these in a photo album that had one (original sized) photo per page
◦Viewers are encouraged to flip through it and see 20 odd images were there seemingly is a person missing in all of them
–The photos will, more than less, be a chronological tail of my life