Christine De Vuono – Final Project

ARTIVISM is the act of melding Art with Activism. Many artists who begin to document injustice find themselves in the realm of the political. We only need to look at the works of Ai Weiwei, Richard Mosse, Brian McCarty and Shadi Ghadirian to see the transition for documentary to activism.

In my final project I am planning to look at ways to explore how the declaration of Human Rights (1948) is either denied or reflected within our world.  Like the Terms and Agreements we all need to agree to in order to access technology,  Human Rights is another document we in theory agree to, yet it does not penetrate our day to day existence. Through this photo project I want to begin exploring the Rights that are part of who we are and in theory must be agreed to when dealing with other people.

I am looking at various artists that explore Human Rights and illustrate injustices through their art.  Aside from the beginning idea of melding articles from the declaration with protraiture, I am still exploring how I want this to look in its final form.

I have had trouble loading my slides onto WordPress in a form you can see as part of the thread.  I have managed to create a link to the PowerPoint, so if you want to look up the artists and various websites linked to their work, please download the slide presentation and view them that way. ARTIVISM