Photo Show Tonight in Guelph!

Hey Photo III’s! Photo IV’s opening is tonight at Ed Video! I hope you can make it out to see the fantastic work! We have some tasty treats and drinks as well… and the clincher, it’s free! šŸ™‚

Susan Dobson and Natural Law

It was Susan Dobson! I knew it!

Here is a blurb I found about her work from the Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art:

“In a later series of photographs, titled Natural Law, I examine the inherent futility of demarcating space: smoke stacks and tree branches vie for attention; a tree obscures a flashy Schneiderā€™s meat billboard, and road kill on a freshly sodden grassy slope suggest that natural selection acts indiscriminately of artificially imposed boundaries. Despite extensive infrastructure, ā€œmaintenance freeā€ materials, sturdy fencing, and billboards marking industrial progress, the principle of Natural Law exposes the irony of ownership, as the landscape inevitably surmounts artificially imposed perimeters.” – Susan Dobson

And here is the link to the work on her website.