Oops, Catch Up

I realized that I never posted what I was doing for my final project on here! So here it goes, very late and very brief. Using Phil Bergerson’s work in Shards of America as a starting point for inspiration, I was interested in looking at the interiors of quirky family run restaurants that only accept cash. I ended up photographing the Apollo Eleven in Guelph and Nan’s Coffee Bar in Alliston.. but I can tell you all more tomorrow while we munch on the yummy treats you all bring! Here’s some images by Phil Bergerson, and one by William Eggleston that tickled my fancy while I was researching. 





No Layout


For anyone interested in publishing, books, layouts, fonts, or cool things in general check out No Layout! They’re an online library for independent publishers – primarily art and fashion zines. You can look through entire books in the library and if something really caught your eye you could purchase it in the store.

Digital Library



I’m Google – Dina Kelberman

Jessie – This is for you! This artist takes images from the internet – might be useful to look at for your final project. 

“I’m Google is an ongoing tumblr blog in which batches of images and videos that I cull from the internet are compiled into a long stream-of-consciousness. The batches move seamlessly from one subject to the next based on similarities in form, composition, color, and theme. [… ] I feel that my experience wandering through Google Image Search and YouTube hunting for obscure information and encountering unexpected results is a very common one. My blog serves as a visual representation of this phenomenon. This ability to endlessly drift from one topic to the next is the inherently fascinating quality that makes the internet so amazing.”

Toy Stories by Gabriele Galimberti


Toy Stories by Gabriele Galimberti

Anyone doing environmental portraiture for their final? Mostly Lauren, because you’re working with people and their possessions! This artist travelled around the world and photographed children with their most prized possessions over the course of 18 months. These might be nice images to look at in terms of arrangement people with objects.
(click the image to see the rest of the project)