Where Can I Buy Film?

I buy all my film-related things at B+H Photo. It’s in NYC so shipping can be an issue, but it’s free over $99 USD.  They have a huge selection new and used equipment.

B+H Photo Video

This is a link to other online resources.

Downtown Camera

Toronto Image Works


Found photo collage and pick up your stuff!


You can pick up your work! I’ll be finished with it by 4pm tomorrow (Wednesday, December 16). If you’ve already left please email me and I’ll keep it in my office over the break.

The above collage is by Belgian artist Sammy Slabbinck. See more of his found photo work (including Vines) here.

Selfies with the universe?


Instead of a taking a selfie, use your phone to solve the mysteries of the universe.

Turn your phone into a particle ray detector! Two physicists who work at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland are creating an app that transforms smart phones into particle ray detectors.

Read about their project.

Join the project!

#Physics not selfies (can we make that a thing?)


Bus Trip Info!

If you’re going on the bus trip, read this. If you’re not, go do something else

You need exact (like EXACT) change for the AGO admission fee.

$8.80 for permanent collection + Suzy Lake exhibition

$13 for permanent collection + Suzy Lake exhibition + Basquiat exhibition



9 am depart Guelph – bus loop in front of UC

10:15 am Arrive AGO

(Lake, Basquiat, Spiegelman, Otto-Knapp, permanent collection. There is a great art supplier called Above Ground nearby the AGO for students who need to pick up art materials).

Noon – Photo students walk over to 80 Spadina with Susan, have lunch, visit Toronto Image Works, CONTACT gallery, and Gallery 44. Short tours scheduled for Image Works (12:30 with Jeannie Baxter) and Gallery 44 (1:45 with Leila Timmins).

1:15 – bus takes painting students from AGO to Harbourfront

2:00 – bus picks painting students up at Harbourfront

2:30– bus picks up photo gang at 401 Richmond Street

4:00 arrive in Guelph



Info about the Photo Arts Club

Behold, information sent to me by the Photo Arts Club:

We are the Photo Arts Club in the University Centre building – this semester we are offering UofG students a $20 membership fee for the entirety of the winter semester. Perhaps this information can be passed on to students 🙂

For the cost of a membership, we offer:
– Two fully stocked darkrooms with chemistry (capable of black and white film development, and black and white and colour photo printing)
– Studio space with studio lighting, with seamless paper backdrops
– Access on weekends and late evenings
– Ability to sign out SLR cameras, digital (Canon) SLR cameras, lenses, and various accessories
– CMYK Colour printer

We also sell, at cost:
– Film, negative sleeves, photo paper (colour and black and white)

Our website can be accessed in the signature below.  Please let us know if you have any questions!

Thank you!
The PAC Execs

Photo Arts Club

Office Hours and Info:

Facebook Page:

Turning time into space!

Turning time into space? What the what what?

Researchers at Washington University (St.Louis, Missouri) have created a camera that could take a hundred billion pictures in a second, enough to record the speed of light, the fastest phenomena in the universe.

Now, that’s Instagram. (Drum roll please…I’ll be here all week.)

Biomedical engineer Lihong Wang, the head of the Washington University research team that invented the camera, explains “For the first time, humans can literally see light pulses traveling in space at the speed of light,” Wang said.

A video captured by Washington University’s Lihong Wang’s new imaging system, known as “compressed ultrafast photography,” shows a laser pulse propagating in air and being reflected from a mirror. The movie is slowed down 10 billion times to make it visible to the human eye. (Video courtesy of Washington University in St. Louis)

Read more about the Ultrafast camera here.

Welcome back, photographers! Let’s make the invisible, visible.


Digital and Non-silver Photography (SART 3600)

Having issues registering for SART 3600—Digital and Non-Silver Photography? Don’t worry!

I’m posting this on behalf of Susan Dobson.
Dear photo students,

For those of you trying to register for the Digital and Non-Silver course for next semester, you may have noticed on Web Advisor that the course shows as being closed and has no students enrolled. This is due to an administrative error – apparently someone entered the class-time as 2:20 – 3:20 instead of 2:20 – 5:20. The situation is being corrected and you will still be able to register for the course, although you may have to wait until the ADD period to do so. Anyone who has registered for the course already will be guaranteed a spot in the course when it re-opens. I will keep you updated with specific instructions once I hear more from the administration.

Sorry about the hassle, but don’t worry – this course will be offered for W15 at the following time:

Tues/Thurs 2:30 p.m. – 5:20 p.m.

More information will be forthcoming from me and from the administration. In the meantime, feel free to email me if you have any questions.


Susan Dobson

IMAGE: Carte de visite from the George Eastman House Flickr feed.
Happy Halloween.


Call for emerging artists


Gallery 44 (Toronto) is seeking artists for PROOF.

From the Gallery 44 website:
is Gallery 44’s annual exhibition of photo-based work by Canadian emerging artists reflecting a range of current concerns and practices in contemporary photography from across the country.

This is a great opportunity for emerging artists. More information here.
Deadline is November 7.
Need help with your application? Make an appointment with me.




This is an image from Nigel Grimmer’s series, “Art Drag Album”


Read an interview with Nigel and see more of his work at Behold: The Slate Magazine Photography blog.


Photography and Memory

Becky Comber, Sky Edge, from the series Broken Horizons, 2013
Becky Comber, Sky Edge, from the series Broken Horizons, 2013

Jessica Eaton, Cfaal 384, 2013, Courtesy Jessica Bradley Gallery

Hello Photographers!

I hope you’re having a good summer. Do you remember what you last photographed with your smart phone? There’s a reason for that.

Listen to this interview, which kicks off a series, about the connection between memory and photography.

Also, a reminder to get to Toronto and see the Contact Photography Festival before the end of May.