Studio Physics | John Chervinsky


Coffee Cups and Paintings on Doors, 2011 from John Chervinsky’s series Studio Physics.

Chervinsky spent eighteen years running a particle accelerator (woah) at Harvard University and has collaborated with museums, using accelerator technology in the analysis of art. Chervinsky currently works at Harvard’s Rowland Institute for Science.

Hourglass Paintings on Door, 2012.

Writing Artist Statements

Yes, it's a picture of a cat, on a blog.

For tomorrow’s class, Artist statements are stupid and I don’t want to write one, bring the following:
1. Images from your final project, the more the better.
If you are working with analog technology, bring your prints. If you are working digitally bring a drive that contains your images.

2. Snacks. Writing is hard; snacks are not.



Photograms | Cameraless images (Katie!)

Anna Atkins, Festuca grasses from ‘British and Foreign Flowering Plants and Ferns’, c.1854

Anna Atkins | The Getty | University of Texas, Austin

A History of Camera-less Photography at the Victoria and Albert Museum. A listing of all of the artists plus video interviews in the Camera-less Photography exhibit.
Other Artist to Consider:
Gary Fabian Miller
Adam Fuss | Fraenkel Gallery
Susan Derges | Prix Pictet | Paul Kasmin Gallery | Video, commissioned by the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Two books: I believe both are available in U of G library.

“The Edge of Vision”, Lyle Rexer (our readings for Assignment 3 are from this book)
Video interviews with the artist include in The Edge of Vision

“Photography’s Antiquarian Avant-Garde: The New Wave in Old Processes.” Lyle Rexer.

And while we’re talking about Lyle Rexer, these are the five photography books he’d read if stranded on a desert island.

Spring and Arnaud | Photosculpture



Tonight, Thursday, November 7 is the opening night of the Festival of Moving Media, Guelph’s Documentary Film Festival. There will be films all weekend, including a karoake party on Friday night, hosted by Jenny Omnichord. More info about the festival.

The opening film is “Spring and Arnaud” the story of artists Arnaud Maggs and Spring Hurlbut.

Spring Hurlbut | Canadian Art | Georgia Scherman Projects | National Gallery | Video Interview from Musee d’art contemporain de Montreal

Arnaud Maggs | Susan Hobbs | National Gallery of Canada | Globe and Mail | Canadian Art | artist website

Thursday, November 7, 2013
7:30 MSAC, $10
Director, Marcia Connolly, will speak after the screening.


Photo Sculpture
Resources for Eleni and anyone else interested in photo-based sculpture:

Anthony Koutras

Genevieve Cadieux | Video (interview)

Christian Boltanski | MOMA | Marian Goodman | TATE | Video interview, show at Grand Palais, Paris