Camera Obscura!

1997_001_Camera-Obscura-Image-of-The-Grand-Tetons-in-Resort-001.jpgMore Abelardo Morell | Above image is The Grand Tetons in the Resort Room, 1997


Short video detailing the Camera Obscura in San Francisco.

The Dyer Star Chamber at Vanderbilt University (Nashville, Tennessee)

Great source (terrible design) all about camera obscura!

Site about custom camera obscura design.


In Photo I we often discuss how photographic seeing is fundamentally different from biological seeing. This is a great example of how photography extends our figurative and literal/scientific vision. 
Image of Saturn from The New York Times article, 100 Images From Cassini’s Mission To Saturn

More about Cassini and the end of it’s mission on Friday, September 14, 2017 when it vaporized into space. The Internet’s boyfriend Neil deGrasse Tyson (Astrophysicist and Director of the Hayden Planetarium) tweeted:


Selfies with the universe?


Instead of a taking a selfie, use your phone to solve the mysteries of the universe.

Turn your phone into a particle ray detector! Two physicists who work at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland are creating an app that transforms smart phones into particle ray detectors.

Read about their project.

Join the project!

#Physics not selfies (can we make that a thing?)


If you like to make and read lists… (Susannah?)

3500 grocery lists by strangers. It’s a blog. It’s a book.
Passive Aggressive Notes. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a book.

And, if you are feeling nice: this started as a blog, and now it’s a book.


This has nothing to do with notes or lists, but it’s the cray cray intersection of science and graphics. Finding the visible in the invisible.

Light, your most powerful photographic tool, just got a little bit faster (maybe)

1. The length of Kim Kardashian’s marriage: 72 days

2. The speed of light: 299,792,458 metres per second. In 1905 Albert Einstein established the speed of light as part of his theory of relativity. (E-MC²)

3. A few days ago, scientists discovered a neutrino that moves FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT. (and faster than a Kardashian divorce).

4. This is a big deal. A really, really, big, fast, deal. It is controversial and there are skeptics, just like their were skeptics about the Kardashian nuptials: Read about it here: Wow.

5. How is this relevant to photography? The etymology of photography = light + writing.

6. Did you really think I’d put an image of Kim Kardashian on our blog?

Makers gotta make

Hat of Illumination

Hey Savannah! This post is for you. Can you hear Barry Manilow singing, This One’s for You?

No? You can’t.
Even if you listen really carefully?
Well, fine. I don’t think it’s creepy.
What is possibly creepy about Mr. Barry Manilow? Behold! His enviable mane! His 1970s sparkle! Savannah, don’t you know that he writes the songs, the songs that make the young girls cry?

Anyhow, during our in-progress critique, I mentioned photographers who liked to create objects specifically for the purpose of photographing them. I referred, in a slapdash manner, to these artists as “makers”.

Here is a list of those artists. This list is by no means exhaustive and some of the artists listed only use that methodology periodically. Feel free to augment the list.

The above image is from a series of hats that I made during graduate school. Makers gotta make, yo.

** listed in no particular order

Holly Roberts
Molly Springfield (not a photographer)
Laurie Simmons
Ann Hamilton (sculptor)
Andy Goldsworthy
Thomas Demand
Ruth Thorne Thomsen
Christian Boltanski
Robert Parke Harrison
Dieter Appelt
David Levinthal
Helen Van Meene
Niki S. Lee (this is more conceptual–she remakes her identity for each project)
Gregory Crewdson
Abelardo Morell (amazing camera obscura)
Vik Muniz
Sigmar Polke
Cindy Sherman
Gordon Matta-Clark
Aspen Mays