Here you are, in a terrible photo.

SART 4700 | Winter 2013Look. There you are, in a terrible photo.

Just a reminder about the CONTACT Photography Festival. May 1-31, All photos, All the time. Get yourself to Toronto and see some stuff.

TypologyJustify2_680(image from The Typology)
For those of you interested in typologies, go here or here.

Calling all photo history nerds:
There is a free symposium at Ryerson, The Public Life of Photographs.
I’ll be there. Find me and say hi.

And finally, for those of you doing book projects (Georgia, Susannah, Andy), think bigger. Have Alec Soth print your book. He also organizes a great narrative/storytelling with images summer camp. Called,The Camp for Socially Awkward Storytellers.
You should apply next year.

Enjoy May. Keep photographing.

Final Critique reminder • Good shows

Tomorrow is our final critique.
• 11:00.
• Don’t forget to include your printed artist statement.
• Should we make it a brunch potluck? If you just said, “Yes!” then bring something. If you said, “No“, then you don’t get to eat any of the stuff that the Yes people will bring. Deal?


There are some good photo exhibitions that have recently opened or will be opening soon. The above image is by Sara Angelucci. Read about her exhibition.


Shai Kremer

And, also don’t miss the Cara Barer exhibition.Cara_Barer_Myth___Edition_of_9_18422_360

We’ve looked at her work in class.

Most of these are in conjunction with the  CONTACT PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL, which usually has some great photo-based work. The festival runs from May 1-May 31. Go see it.

See you tomorrow at 11.

Congrats to Photo IV! Some Links for current and former 4700ers

First, Photo IV: Your show was great! Congratulations!

And now, some links:
• Chelsea, this is for you (and anyone else interested in cardboard)
• Anyone interested in contemporary street photography, check out this curated Flickr group.
• Lisa Muzzin and anyone else interested in vintage snapshots/photographs.

Freaky animals (and some reminders)

RobinSchwartz-08 RobinSchwartz-07

Yes, everybody let’s de-stress with freaky photos of animals! These are from photographer Robin Schwartz who was recently featured in The New Yorker. You can read an interview with her at the New Yorkers’ photography blog, The PhotoBooth.

* Thursday, March 28 (that’s tomorrow–or today if you are reading this tomorrow, or yesterday if you’re lazy and you’re reading this in two days) is a workday. I will be in my office, marking your projects, waiting to help you.

* Don’t forget to attend the Specialized Studio Opening at the Boarding House gallery and The Photo IV closing at Ed Video.Openings! Closings!

* Please fill out a course evaluation form.

* You might want to also share you thoughts about this course (or any course) on: WebRevisor. A former student of mine created this site because he wanted students to have a forum to discuss classes honestly with each other.

* Please Respond in the comments about what you are bringing to our final critique potluck

* For the two ladies (Lisa and Jesse, I’m looking at you) who didn’t attend the maquette critique on Tuesday, please come to my office tomorrow. [Ooo.ouch! Gettin’ called out on the internet, yo]

Toy Stories by Gabriele Galimberti


Toy Stories by Gabriele Galimberti

Anyone doing environmental portraiture for their final? Mostly Lauren, because you’re working with people and their possessions! This artist travelled around the world and photographed children with their most prized possessions over the course of 18 months. These might be nice images to look at in terms of arrangement people with objects.
(click the image to see the rest of the project)

A few resources


The above image is by RYAN PARK.
Twins (cardboard)
C-prints on dibond. Two x 24.5 x 24.5″. 2013.

These are the artists I mentioned during critique.

Chelsea: You might be interested in James Casebere. (these are all sculptural works, made to be photographed. Different conceptual intent, but his formal methods might be helpful/inspiring to you). The Tunnel Series (read about it on his statement) might be especially helpful. They are small and made of paper.

Of course, Thomas Demand. There is a good article about him in the Photography issue of Canadian Art.

Ryan Park, (former MFA grad)

Jessica Eaton (official website) and her Tumblr

Lexi: a selection of artists who work with scanners:
Dean Kessmann: specifically his work, Art as Paper as Potential and Plastic on Paper, and Cover to Cover and A Year at a Glance.

Idris Khan

Anyone else have suggestions? Please leave them in the comments.