Bus Trip Info!

If you’re going on the bus trip, read this. If you’re not, go do something else

You need exact (like EXACT) change for the AGO admission fee.

$8.80 for permanent collection + Suzy Lake exhibition

$13 for permanent collection + Suzy Lake exhibition + Basquiat exhibition



9 am depart Guelph – bus loop in front of UC

10:15 am Arrive AGO

(Lake, Basquiat, Spiegelman, Otto-Knapp, permanent collection. There is a great art supplier called Above Ground nearby the AGO for students who need to pick up art materials).

Noon – Photo students walk over to 80 Spadina with Susan, have lunch, visit Toronto Image Works, CONTACT gallery, and Gallery 44. Short tours scheduled for Image Works (12:30 with Jeannie Baxter) and Gallery 44 (1:45 with Leila Timmins).

1:15 – bus takes painting students from AGO to Harbourfront

2:00 – bus picks painting students up at Harbourfront

2:30– bus picks up photo gang at 401 Richmond Street

4:00 arrive in Guelph



Photo Bus Trip! *Friday, January 24*


Hello Photographers!
All aboard the party bus (well, not that much of a party since we’re leaving at 8:30 am). Here is our itinerary for the day. Remember to bring $9 in exact change for your admission to the AGO.

Bus leaves the circle outside the U.C.

Arrive at 80 Spadina. If you have colour film you want to process, there will be a quick stop at Toronto Image Works. If you are not dropping off film for processing, you can look at the Image Works gallery.

Art Gallery of Ontario
We will be viewing, Light My Fire: Some Propositions about Portraits and Photography.
118969-660 Cosindas-Princess-550

Leave AGO for the Ryerson Image Centre.
The two main exhibits are:

Robert Burley: The Disappearance of Darkness.

The exhibition Robert Burley: The Disappearance of Darkness examines both the dramatic and historical demise of film-manufacturing facilities and industrial darkrooms. The photographs taken between 2005 and 2010 speak to sites and events related to the key corporations (Kodak, Agfa, Ilford). As an artist working in photography for the past thirty years, Burley has been both an observer and a participant in this radical transition. This exhibition addresses the emergence of a new technology, which irrevocably changed photography, as well as the abrupt and rapid breakdown of a century old industry, which embodied the medium’s material culture. (text from the Ryerson Image Center website)

Phil Bergerson: Emblems and Remnants of the American Dream


Since 1995, Canadian photographer Phil Bergerson has made dozens of extended road-trips, criss-crossing the United States in search of the ‘American Dream’. Drawing upon the social landscape tradition, Bergerson found his material amid the melancholic detritus of the contemporary city: in modest store window displays, hand-painted murals, graffiti, and crudely-made signs. Here is a chaotic urban topography, one fuelled by unmoored dreams, raw desires, commercial fantasies, rampant patriotism, religious fervour, and a smouldering violence. The sumptuous colour photographs elicit a sense of both wonderment and disquiet, and ultimately a yearning for order, for meaning.
(text from the Ryerson Image Center website)

There is also a student gallery.


The installation is composed of one 16mm film looping continuously, and three vinyl reproductions of the remaining filmstrips. By working with these two distinct modes of presentation — the 16mm film requires the viewer to remain still and the filmstrips entail a physical movement across the space — the installation accentuates the spatiality and materiality of time passing.

With the use of the now-discontinued colour reversal Kodak Ektachrome film stock as source material, the transient nature of celluloid film mirrors the ephemeral nature of the sitter’s gaze. Through the progressive destruction of the film as it continues to play, the work brings life to a material and a subject matter that will inevitably disappear with time.
(text from the Ryerson Image Center website)

Leave Ryerson


Lunch. You will be in the area of 80 Spadina. Find some food, eat it.

Tour 401 Richmond and other galleries in 80 Spadina. At this time you may pick up your film from Toronto Image Works.

Bus leaves for Guelph

Arrive in Guelph
Boo hoo, you are sad the day is over. Perhaps you suffered from Stendhal syndrome?

Make your own digital camera + Blog instructions

Make your own digital camera:
BigShot camera is a kit for making your own DIGITAL camera with panorama and 3D functionality. The scientist behind the project was interviewed this morning on National Public Radio’s, Science Friday where he explained some basic concepts of how digital cameras process and capture images.

Help with WordPress Posts
Several of you have mentioned you don’t know how to post to the blog. It’s super easy. Log in with your WordPress user name, and then just write.

I’ve posted an brief wordpress-tutorial I didn’t write this, but it seems to include all the basic instructions if you are having problems.

Your research bibliographies and images MUST be posted on the blog. Please TAG and CATEGORIZE your posts with Final Project (the category already exists, you simply chose it from the pull down menu) and any other relevant tags.

Kim–you have a DRAFT post. Remember that when you finish writing you must hit the PUBLISH button. Emma–try to post your Instagram link again.

If you are interested in posting to the blog from your phone, email me. I have a specific email address that allows you to do that!

Halloween Potluck!

Why, of course, people walk down the street eating peanut butter from a jar. Duh.

Katie had the clever idea of turning our crit into a sugar-fueled pot luck! Sounds good to me. If you are going to bring something please leave a comment on this post—that way we won’t end up with 5 bags of candy corn.


Binh Danh and Visiting Artists

Image by Binh Danh

Image by Binh Danh
I mentioned Binh Danh during our discussion of photosynthesis and colour.


Image from The New York Times.
For those of you interested in surreptitious or dog collar-based photography, this tiny camera offers more exposure control than an iPhone and is much, much cheaper. More info.


Musagetes Guelph Cafe
Lots of artist talks and music and even a BBQ and it’s all free.

Thursday September 26, starting at 6pm.
Exhibition in Zavitz Gallery by Susannah van der Zaag and Mariah Hamilton. They both made excellent work in Photo III and this exhibit features new photo-based work from both of them.

Visiting Artist talk!
Thursday October 3, 2013
There is a free bus to Kitchener. More info.
Wodiczko’s projection on the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, DC

And finally, a contest.15913-5240_17639_c
Photographers Forum 34th Annual College Photography Contest.
4,000 in prize money plus a Nikon D7100
If you lose your entry form, you can find one here.

Last year three students from SART 4700 were published and Laurel Barr received an Honorable Mention! The above photo is by Laurel. (taken during Assignment Two: Environmental portrait)

Final Critique reminder • Good shows

Tomorrow is our final critique.
• 11:00.
• Don’t forget to include your printed artist statement.
• Should we make it a brunch potluck? If you just said, “Yes!” then bring something. If you said, “No“, then you don’t get to eat any of the stuff that the Yes people will bring. Deal?


There are some good photo exhibitions that have recently opened or will be opening soon. The above image is by Sara Angelucci. Read about her exhibition.


Shai Kremer

And, also don’t miss the Cara Barer exhibition.Cara_Barer_Myth___Edition_of_9_18422_360

We’ve looked at her work in class.

Most of these are in conjunction with the  CONTACT PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL, which usually has some great photo-based work. The festival runs from May 1-May 31. Go see it.

See you tomorrow at 11.

Freaky animals (and some reminders)

RobinSchwartz-08 RobinSchwartz-07

Yes, everybody let’s de-stress with freaky photos of animals! These are from photographer Robin Schwartz who was recently featured in The New Yorker. You can read an interview with her at the New Yorkers’ photography blog, The PhotoBooth.

* Thursday, March 28 (that’s tomorrow–or today if you are reading this tomorrow, or yesterday if you’re lazy and you’re reading this in two days) is a workday. I will be in my office, marking your projects, waiting to help you.

* Don’t forget to attend the Specialized Studio Opening at the Boarding House gallery and The Photo IV closing at Ed Video.Openings! Closings!

* Please fill out a course evaluation form.

* You might want to also share you thoughts about this course (or any course) on: WebRevisor. A former student of mine created this site because he wanted students to have a forum to discuss classes honestly with each other.

* Please Respond in the comments about what you are bringing to our final critique potluck

* For the two ladies (Lisa and Jesse, I’m looking at you) who didn’t attend the maquette critique on Tuesday, please come to my office tomorrow. [Ooo.ouch! Gettin’ called out on the internet, yo]

Colour Film Zine

Hey everyone,

Want to have your work published? My friend from Portland just started this quarterly Colour Film Zine. Here’s the link to his site: http://incandescentzine.wordpress.com/ or you can follow it on facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/incandescentzine

They just released their first issue and will be looking for submissions again in a few months, but you can submit work at any time!

Light, your most powerful photographic tool, just got a little bit faster (maybe)

1. The length of Kim Kardashian’s marriage: 72 days

2. The speed of light: 299,792,458 metres per second. In 1905 Albert Einstein established the speed of light as part of his theory of relativity. (E-MC²)

3. A few days ago, scientists discovered a neutrino that moves FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT. (and faster than a Kardashian divorce).

4. This is a big deal. A really, really, big, fast, deal. It is controversial and there are skeptics, just like their were skeptics about the Kardashian nuptials: Read about it here: Wow.

5. How is this relevant to photography? The etymology of photography = light + writing.

6. Did you really think I’d put an image of Kim Kardashian on our blog?