Assignment One • The Science of Colour

First things first: Can you see colour?


You should be able to see a brown boat in the above image. If you can’t, you might be colour blind.

The Science of Colour and Light
Color and Physics

Colour and light, explained by Bill Nye (the science guy).

A BBC video that explores, “the research on the strange relationship between light, the eye and mind, and the development of new technologies such as photography and film”

This is an interesting TED talk about Colour Theory.

The History of Color Models
To augment our class discussion about colour, learn about the history of the colour wheel.

History of Color Models
Color Models
Color: Standford University Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Jason Salavon, pushes boundaries between photography/computer science/video etc.  Here is his interpretation of the Colour Wheel.

Color and Subject Interpretation
After listening to the RadioLab podcast, you might be thinking What colour is the sky?

Colour and Language
This video explores the relationship between the development of language and the processing and understanding of colour.