Camera Obscura • Photo history

Please meet in the Zavitz Gallery on Thursday morning. We will begin our class with a guided tour (fancy!) of a Nicolas Good’s installation, Obsoletism.

After viewing the installtion, we will talk about history of colour photography, discus the assigned podcasts and watch the following videos which explore the sociological impacts of the colour:
A BBC video that explores, “the research on the strange relationship between light, the eye and mind, and the development of new technologies such as photography and film”

A short video about the history of color photography from the Smithsonian Institution (Washington, DC)

Mariah posted this TED talk about Colour Theory.

Nicolas was influenced by David Hockney’s, A Secret Knowledge.
The book. The DVD. An article about the book. Not everyone agrees with Hockney’s thesis. Some counter arguments, here and here. The later one is perhaps the most valid because its author is a scholar. Hockney’s project has inspired further exploration and scholarship (as well as art installations at U of G).