More about Erik Kessels

Erik Kessels, 24 Hours of Photos One day of  upload to photo sharing sites, printed.

We’ve talked about Erik Kessels work in various photo classes. Aperture magazine started an Instagram account in conjunction with Kessel’s upcoming exhibition and book. So, that’s right, it’s a social media account displaying photographs from an artist who selected the images from photo uploading sites. It’s great!

Instagram: the.many.lives.of.erik.kessels



From Daguerrotype to Digital: a brief history of colour photography

George Eastman House’s photostream on Flickr. Excellent historic images.

Short video about the Autochrome process, from The ImageWorks in Rochester, NY.

Concise History of Color Photography with excellent images and text.

The George Eastman House: Notes on Photographs: An international forum for gathering information that enhances the communal understanding of the photographic print.

A short video about the history of color photography from the Smithsonian Institution (Washington, DC)

History and manufacture of Lantern Slides.

The scandal and possible truth surrounding Levi Hill who claimed to have invented color photography.




(Image from the New York Times Magazine)

This is the first DIGITAL (filmless) camera. 1975!
Wonder why it took so long to be on the consumer market? Read this.




colorful pixels


A list of links about the origins of the digital camera, as well as other connections between photography and technology.
Because we can’t talk about current photography without talking about the scourge of the Selfie (yuck) here is a site, SelfieCITY that  Investigates Selfies in five cities across the world. Explore the site, especially the essays.


PICTURES OF CATS! (before the Internet)

Just in case you think cats + social media is new, (mew?) it’s not.

Maker: S.L. Upham & Fowler
Title: Cat / opaque background
Date: ca. 1875
Medium: albumen print
Dimensions: Image: 9.5 x 5.5 cm Mount: 10.1 x 6.2 cm


This image is from the George Eastman House Flickr Feed.


This is Now! : This site showcases the latest image uploaded to Instagram based on geo-tag locations.

If you’re on Instagram, and want more followers, leave your instagram name in the comments. I’m Mrs.JonathanHart. Yes, Hart to Hart. The TV show.


If you’re interested in more information about the History of Photography, check out this and this.



In the above posts, you’ll find a brief history of the camera obscura, how many painters such as Vermeer used a camera obscura to aid in his painting, as well as contemporary artists who use the camera obscura.

If you’re interested in the connection between Vermeer and the camera obscura, this is a compelling documentary:

Tim’s Vermeer” a documentary by Penn and Teller (yes, THAT Penn and Teller) about one man’s obsession with discovering Vermeer’s secrets. Hint: camera obscura! Trailer | NY Times article | TIFF summary




Research Presentation; Old Cameras and Instagram

Joni Sternbach   –

to make her tintypes, she has to bring a portable darkroom with her!



Matt Alberts –  The “Lifer’s” project (watch video)





In terms of subject matter; here are the 12 most cliché photos on instagram!


I’m currently continuing my assignment 3 idea, trying to find more cameras and take lots of photos. I’m working on how to take my idea further, maybe by expanding into other social networking sites, or including my display of cameras in my final installation somehow. Any ideas would be great!

Real Life Instagram


After our conversation yesterday about the tension between analog and digital/fast and slow, I thought Emma and others would be interested in Bruno Ribeiro’s absurdist interpretation of Instagram.

And while we’re talking about Instagram, it’s worth mentioning, yet again, Dronestagram. And while we’re talking about drones, the theme of this year’s Le Mois de la Photo a Montreal was Drone: The Automated Image. Search the site for better yet, download the program.