Final Project Research

I did some preliminary trials with my original idea for the final project (stemming from the UV stuff) was to capture the conversion from kinetic energy to light upon an abrupt difference in momentum, and it was not successful. Ripping tape off paper for an extended period of time also ripped the paper (duh…) and the marble smash light was too minuscule and too instantaneous to leave a mark on the paper. I feel like I would need giant marbles (perhaps the size of a car tire) for it to effectively register an image. I was unable to find the Wint-O-Green lifesavers in grocery stores, and when I asked staff, they more or less have never heard of such a thing. Because of these reasons, I think I will leave this idea on hiatus.

As said in crit for assignment three, I’d like to continue to make UV induced photograms, if I had larger paper to work with and smaller props. But I think that I am limited to time and cost, as I’d have to order materials and wait for their arrival. It is still an option I am considering based on feedback, but I guess I will make my final decision after today’s class.

So I’d like to make a return to the digital medium. My favourite kind of photography are the images that have an unfamiliar aura to a familiar scene, the ones that make me do a double-take and ask “wait, what?”. I’m interested in illusionary works that have a surreal-like quality that distorts perception and space tricks the audience. I am hoping to have the viewer ponder and plant an afterthought. I’d like to create a connection with the viewer through the strange. I have not yet come up with an exact idea or theme, but I draw some inspiration from the artists below:

John Chervinsky’s Studio Physics,

John Chervinsky - Studio Physics

John Chervinsky – Studio Physics

Elise Windsor’s Petite Maison and Of Other Spaces,

Elise Windsor - Corner Mirror from Of Different Spaces

Elise Windsor – Corner Mirror from Of Other Spaces

Liu Bolin’s Invisible Man,

Liu Bolin - Invisible Man

Liu Bolin – Invisible Man

Li Wei,


Thomas Edward’s Dust Series,

Thomas Edwards - Dust Series

Thomas Edwards – Dust Series

and Philippe Ramette.

Philippe Ramette - Irrational Contemplation

Philippe Ramette – Irrational Contemplation

I am kind of leaning towards making images without a human being, but would like a hint of human presence (such as Liu Bolin). I like constructing images from scratch as opposed to finding things, but it’s not limited to finding things and manipulating it somehow. However I’m not very proficient with photoshop and would like to avoid post-production editing (unless it’s minor touch ups). I am also considering utilizing what I’ve learned from the UV room and somehow integrating UV photograms into these images by scanning sections in, but this seems difficult to properly apply without being too obvious. Other props I’m familiar with are mirrors and the relationship between light and slow shutter speeds, but I would like to leave my comfort zone and expand. I was wondering if anyone knows of any other things I could use?


Studio Physics | John Chervinsky


Coffee Cups and Paintings on Doors, 2011 from John Chervinsky’s series Studio Physics.

Chervinsky spent eighteen years running a particle accelerator (woah) at Harvard University and has collaborated with museums, using accelerator technology in the analysis of art. Chervinsky currently works at Harvard’s Rowland Institute for Science.

Hourglass Paintings on Door, 2012.