Light, your most powerful photographic tool, just got a little bit faster (maybe)

1. The length of Kim Kardashian’s marriage: 72 days

2. The speed of light: 299,792,458 metres per second. In 1905 Albert Einstein established the speed of light as part of his theory of relativity. (E-MC²)

3. A few days ago, scientists discovered a neutrino that moves FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT. (and faster than a Kardashian divorce).

4. This is a big deal. A really, really, big, fast, deal. It is controversial and there are skeptics, just like their were skeptics about the Kardashian nuptials: Read about it here: Wow.

5. How is this relevant to photography? The etymology of photography = light + writing.

6. Did you really think I’d put an image of Kim Kardashian on our blog?

Susan Dobson and Natural Law

It was Susan Dobson! I knew it!

Here is a blurb I found about her work from the Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art:

“In a later series of photographs, titled Natural Law, I examine the inherent futility of demarcating space: smoke stacks and tree branches vie for attention; a tree obscures a flashy Schneider’s meat billboard, and road kill on a freshly sodden grassy slope suggest that natural selection acts indiscriminately of artificially imposed boundaries. Despite extensive infrastructure, “maintenance free” materials, sturdy fencing, and billboards marking industrial progress, the principle of Natural Law exposes the irony of ownership, as the landscape inevitably surmounts artificially imposed perimeters.” – Susan Dobson

And here is the link to the work on her website.