Gregory Crewdson

Some links to Gregory Crewdson:

Website for his upcoming documentary –
Documentary Trailer –

A very interesting look at the behind the scenes of Gregory Crewdson –

“GREG ZAP” playing in his band The Speedies. Hit single “Let Me Take Your Photo” –

Environmental portraiture

We’ll be looking at some photographers from the Helsinki School. You can go here for more information.

Pekka Turunen’s page at Stephen Bulger gallery.

Veli Grano ( main page) or scroll down to find the Tangible Cosmologies work.

Nikki S. Lee at the Museum of Contemporary Photography

A blog of images from the collection of the International Center of Photography.

Alec Soth, Niagra Project and interview with the Guardian (UK) and his MagnumPhotos page and what it’s like to approach strangers for a living and another video that is good, despite it’s dubious rock introduction. And another one about shooting your own work while on assignment.


Museum of Contemporary Photography exhibition, The Furtive Gaze

Explanation of Shizuka Yokomizo, Strangers

Rineke Dijkstra, Beach Portraits and MOMA’s collection

Cruel and Tender at the TATE Modern. Excellent video interviews with Stephen Shore, Rineke Dijkstra, Martin Parr and other artists in the show.

Helen van Meene and, an interview with Helen van Meene where she discusses portraiture

Gillian Wearing, TATE Modern and an interview in the Guardian UK

Bill Owens

Lauren Greenfield