Artists: Powerpoint #1

These are the artists from the first Powerpoint. If you want to review the images (and you should, you should look and look and look until you just can’t look anymore) the files are posted on the Courselink.

Cynthia Greg
Ed Burtynsky
Aino Kannisto
Jan Groover
Elina Brotherus
Gage and Betterton
Manjari Sharma
Eileen Cowin
Linda Troeller
Olafur Eliasson
Alex Kisilevich
Joel Sternfeld
Amy Stein
Julia Fullerton-Batten
Richard Billingham
Martin Parr
William Eggleston
Stephen Shore
Andres Serrano
Joel Meyerwitz
Andreas Gursky
Sandy Skoglund
Anthony Hernandez

The history of color photography

George Eastman House’s photostream on Flickr. Excellent historic images.

Short video about the Autochrome process, from The ImageWorks in Rochester, NY.

Concise History of Color Photography with excellent images and text.

The George Eastman House: Notes on Photographs: An international forum for gathering information that enhances the communal understanding of the photographic print.

History and manufacture of Lantern Slides.

The scandal and possible truth surrounding Levi Hill who claimed to have invented color photography.

Hello Photo III students!

The above photo is by Alex Kisilevich. We will be looking at his work during class today.

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